A Perfect Venue For All Occasions

Are you struggling to find a venue to entertain a large gathering? Or looking for a place for escape from the stressful life? Or a well-deserved vacation with family and friends? What are your options? A five star hotel in the busy city where you are supposed to have a big bill or a place few minutes away from the city with absolute tranquillity with the blessings of mother-nature?Don’t be surprised; an authentic historical venue with the modern flavour awaits you! In a sophisticated country like Australia, a place surrounded by green pastures, lakes and hills. They are capable of handling a large gathering. With or without food and beverages with five star amnesties. Or simply a place with bed & breakfast in Yarra Valley but in a gorgeous surrounding of acres of vineyards.

A well-deserved staycation:

A perfect place for a staycation for complete destressing. The elegant secluded Homestead which can accommodate about 8 people at a time. Locally cooked food provides mouth-watering flavours and world renowned wines from the flourished vineyards will no doubt grants you a world class experience.The fresh air from the open valley and sun rays through the lush green vegetation is a priceless experience one can wake up with. A morning walk along the vineyards or on the hills and valleys takes you away from the robotic lifestyle and makes experience the meaning of the beautiful life we’re presented with. It invites you to realize how wonderful God’s creation is! Browse this website to find out more details.

Physical activities to keep you fit:

There are plenty of physical activities to choose from. Spotting kangaroos is something your young kids will love to be involved with while older ones can enjoy hiking and biking. The parents can go for an exclusive horse riding around the valley admiring the surroundings.Camping opportunities for individuals who love fun. Or a BBQ which is an activity where all family members and friends or colleagues can equally participate in; a chance for team building.

A romantic venue:

A perfect venue for a couple who is pledging their love to each other. In a simple set up or a red carpeted marques style. A royal treat for the guests with renowned world class wine and dinning. Luxury accommodation for the couple towards absolute romance.

Careful attention to details:

Other facilities like parking facilities, toilet facilities etc. make you feel so comfortable and will bring a sense of satisfaction to realize the amount of attention the facility have paid for each and every detail. For nature lovers, it is an ideal location to be connected closely with the nature. And appreciate the countless blessings we are provided with!