Heavenly Locations For Hen Parties

It is finally the time… for a party! The long anticipated wedding is actually happening, so of course you want to send your best gal off in style. As maid of honour, it is your responsibility to host the hen night, that night of final debauchery (or pyjama party, depending on the bride’s personality) before she settles down into matrimony. Among the million little things you have to do is finding a location for whitsundays holiday. Now, depending on the bride’s taste, this may be a quiet or loud evening at several clubs and pubs, or someone’s house. So here are some suggestions that will cater to a wide range of differing personalities and tastes:

Rent an Apartment

While this is not common knowledge, many hotels and resorts offer some of their rooms out as apartments; some of the more luxurious properties even have penthouse apartments that have permanent occupants. A airlie beach luxury apartments would be an ideal location for your party, especially if you can rent out an apartment for the night. You can start the party down at the bar or around the pool and then take it upstairs to the room. If you want a girls-only movie night in pyjamas, so be it. If you want to continue the revels till dawn, then that is ok too.  Not only does this save you the effort of cleaning up after, you may even be able to order food and beverages from the hotel.

Go Outdoors

Having a gathering outdoors is the perfect way to mix things up a bit but also keep it casual. Have everyone turn up in their favourite T shirt and jeans and maybe have a beach bonfire. If you ask a nearby beach hotel, they will probably be able to supply a barbecue grill and all other necessary food, drink and equipment for a cookout style outdoor rave. If you can’t afford this, turn your garage into a disco by stringing some lights and playing some loud music. Failing that, simply lay out a picnic blanket on the grass and have some pizza and wine while gossiping.

Borrow a House

This is only to be done with someone you know extremely well and who will not sue you for damaged property. If neither you nor any of the bridesmaids have a house big enough for a party, go through your list of friends and see whether or not any of them would be willing to lend you the house for an evening. The upside is that you would not have to pay anything. Downsides: you clean up after and you provide the food and entertainment. This choice is better suited to the quiet, intimate hen night, not the loud one.