Making Your Stay Comfortable And Cheap

You may think that a hotel is quite better than cheap places to stay. But, this is a wrong notion. There are lots of benefits offered by places that are not costly but assure comfort and relaxation.

One of the best alternatives to hotel stay is bed and breakfast. These places are perfect for couples, solo traveler as well as for families too. Breakfast is incorporated along with your lodging in this place to stay. One can enjoy healthy, fresh and homemade dishes in the breakfast. Such a type of breakfast is not available in most of the luxurious hotels.

Majority of the hotels will give continental breakfast in the morning, which consists of orange juice from poor quality oranges, stale donuts, stale breads, quick coffee and tea given.  But, in a b&b you will get fresh fruits, juice and tasty food items to fill your belly in the morning. Moreover, there is no rule to pay more money for the delicious breakfast as it is incorporated in the rate of your stay.

Customer service is good – You will get a high class customer service in these places too. Owners of several holiday homes are those people, who can well handle their properties and they make sure that all their guests are happy with their service. But, if you choose to stay at a posh hotel, then the hotel staff will be careless, cold and will not work to satisfy you.

Things to know

Most of the cottages are present in the countryside areas. So, it is likely that you can pay a visit to the off beaten path of the country. You can hire a guide to see the far off places, villages, markets, shops and so on. Sometimes, you can travel to these places on a bicycle. Enjoy the ride! But, hotels are located in the cities, busiest places, where there is noise, pollution and crowd.

Generally, a hotel is very big and there is less possibility to start small talk with other fellow travelers. But, this is possible when you stay in a cottage. You can meet a lot of new people in the dining room, patio and living room, so that you can start a small chit chat with them. Moreover, you can get friends for life too. Your experience would be great and so you may never feel like staying in a hotel.

In these places, waiters or housekeeping staff do not come to your room to disturb you.  In a cottage, you can get a room of your choice of a good size. Many homes offer gardens, yard to their guests for relaxation.