Saving For A Rainy Day

Money is something that keeps exchanges hands every minute of each and every day. We spend and we save. It brings us happiness and enormous pleasure but it is also our chief source of concern and worries. But such is the uncertainty of life and the significance of money and all the worldly possessions that money can buy in our lives that making more money and saving money is a persistent thing at the back of our thoughts no matter what we are doing. So let’s have a look at some of the major spending splurges in our lives and how we can reduce such costs.

It has to be weddings

The most significant day in our lives. It’s the day that alters everything for us in the blink of an eye. Although the most precious moment of the whole event is the one where the words ’’I do’’ are uttered, all the things leading up to it can be a weight on your savings and bank balance. From having to book a 5 star hotel near MTR, to spending on clothes and decorations there is just so much of money that is spent out of our hands when we are planning a wedding. And then we look back at the cost we are left with our mouths hanging open at the total amount of money that we have spent on just one of our entire lives. However momentous that occasion. At the time though we don’t realize because we tend to look at all the costs individually, but when you add them up all together it tends to come up to quite a significant amount which we regret spending later on, on most occasions, when we have something g more worthwhile to spend on.

It’s not saying that you should not have a beautiful wedding day. It’s just that most people should understand the fact that beauty simply does not come only from spending large amounts of money on it. You can make your wedding day a very beautiful and memorable one even without having to spend so much of money on that single day. for example if you have always thought of having your wedding in hotel you can definitely go ahead and make the very popular Hong Kong hotel meeting rooms. But you can try and cut down on the cost through other means. For example you can try and cut down the costs of the decoration, the dress and the invitations. You can try to have a do it yourself invite which will save you considerable amounts of money, and who k noes maybe your do it yourself invitation will actually turn out to be prettier than a professionally made card.

So don’t hesitate to try and find ways to cut down on cost because you never know when that saving might actually come in handy.