Three Reasons To Pick Cuba As Your Travel Destination This Year

You might have a plan of going somewhere new and exciting for your vacation this year, and there is no better choice than deciding to go to the beautiful land of Cuba. Cuba has some of the best beaches in the world with clear blue water and lovely sandy shores’ has some of the best tasting food in the world along with so many other reasons as well. The locals living in Cuba are widely known to be extremely friendly, warm and welcoming to foreigners so if you are looking for a getaway spot away from the angry crowds of busy people, Cuba is the perfect place to visit.
The Crowds
Cuba is generally a beautiful and richly cultured land that is not often seen to be oozing with visitors. It is a reserved place that values its own culture, but as the laws in America has changed recently, this means that more and more people are being gained access to this lovely country of Cuba. Thus this leads to overcrowded streets and beaches, making it hard to enjoy your time there. So if you live in a whole different country away from USA, check out Cuba holidays from Australia, France, India or wherever you are from and get to Cuba before the mass crowds take over.
History and heritage
Cuba has one of the most majestic cultures and heritages seen in the world. This is quite obvious as soon as you step in to the country and notice the beautifully made buildings and architectural designs. Cuba itself also has a lack of bright and busy hotels but they are rich in small and reserved hotels that people can enjoy in peace. All of this represents Cuba’s spectacular heritage quite beautifully. Places like Old Havana, San Pedro de la Rocha castle, Desembarco Del granma national park and so many other heritage sites are the sole reason some people visit Cuba. Cuba tour operators will be more than happy to let you know what to see and where to go whenever you need their help.
Music and art
The streets of Cuba is almost always filled with street music players and dancers who, instead of wanting to make money, play music and dance solely because of the passion they have for their music. There is saying that says that Cubans were practically born to create music that is how good their music is to the ear. There is not a time of the day that Cuban streets are not filled with colorfully clad music players and their dancers.