What Business Travelers Want In Their Hotel Rooms

The number of business travelers has been increasing since 2012. They don’t really come for the best view, the biggest pool or the most relaxing spa; they purely come for business purposes such as meetings with clients, conventions, conferences, site visits etc. It’s obvious that you need to offer something different from the leisure guests so how do you really keep your corporate guests happy? It’s simple. Give them exactly what they want. Apart from the services at your business centre, here are some of the things you need to make sure are present in their rooms.

1. Free and fast Wi-Fi

In a world where nothing can be done without the internet, that will become the foremost priority of a businessman. Slow internet is the number one complaint done by unsatisfied customers. Just imagine, the video conference call gets disconnected in the middle due to connection problems and how will your client react? They’ll probably try to kill you. So for that not to happen, make sure you take into account the two magic words fast and free when it comes to wifi since it is a basic expectation of a budget Hong Kong hotel. 

2. Strategically placed power outlets

Wouldn’t you hate to keep searching for a power outlet and move around furniture just to charge your phone? Well, business people don’t have time and of course patience for that. Above that, they use the latest tech-gadgets and would have at least two of them that they need to charge. Make sure you provide multiple outlets that have been located conveniently around the room, especially near the work desk.

3. Work desk

This is a must in a business traveler’s room. They have tons of things to do such as review business documents, work on their laptops and maybe even draw plans. So make sure you provide them with a work desk with ample space so that they could easily place everything on it. If possible, provide a lap desk too in case they’d like to work on their laptops lying in bed. Such minor facilities in budget hotel near airport will make them return whenever in town.

4. Bottled water

With all the talk going around about the hygiene of glasses, business clients would prefer some water bottles rather than drinking off the faucet. Hydration is extremely important since they will be working long hours. Keep a few extra bottles already in place when they arrive so that they need not order anymore for at least overnight.

5. An iron and ironing board

Corporate clients are always rushing for meetings and conferences so they’d not want their clothes to be wrinkled. They would also prefer easy access ironing rather than giving them out for dry cleaning services. It will take time and also extra cost. So keep an iron ready.